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The King is dead, long live the King

Lovely people
Dear fans

Like so many other bands and artists, the last 2 years were gut-wrenching for us. We released our last record Earthquaker in November 2019 and merely played a handful of live shows since then. Being forced to stop doing what you love most, takes its toll. Certainly for us, as we adore the stage and the interaction with our fans.

During this pandemic, we co-organized Hellgium, recorded and released two studio sessions and played a livestream show. But there’s one thing we didn’t do, and that’s write new music. We simply didn’t have the energy, hunger or motivation to do so.

It forced us to do some soul searching. Each of us are working on new projects and we quickly realized that we were putting King Hiss on the back burner. And that’s not the place for the band we love with all our hearts.

As we are closing in on our 10th year anniversary, we decided to steamroll through 2022 with as many shows as we possibly can, and then put King Hiss on an indefinite hiatus. Trust us if we say that this was not an easy decision, but it’s one that we made in good conscience and in a friendly atmosphere.

There’s a couple of very cool shows in the making and we are beyond psyched to get the ball rolling one last time. One last hurrah! We’re aching to see, feel and smell you all next year.

To celebrate our anniversary, we thought it would be a great time to re-master our breakthrough EP ‘Snakeskin’ and release it on vinyl with the help of FX7 Records. We are hoping to release this baby – with a few nice extras – in the Spring of 2022. More details on that soon!

So, as we are closing the books on 2021, we would like to wish you and your family all the best and let’s hope that this covid-situation gets under control soon so we can rock out again!

We love you.

Jan, Joost, Dominiek and Jason

Check out our last album Earthquaker

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“Every single track can shake the very earth for anyone who listens to this massive work.”

“Earthquaker is tough, intelligent record from the Belgian riff monsters, that gets the head nodding and the mind thinking.”

“Cette tornade musicale vous tient en haleine dès le premier titre.”

“Ondergetekende zou hier al heel voorzichtig de term magnum opus durven gebruiken. King Hiss verstoort met Earthquaker de tektonische balans, De Koninklijke Sterrenwacht is bij deze gewaarschuwd.”

“Was Mastosaurus een diamant, dan is Earthquaker een klomp massief 24 karaats goud. Wat. Een. Plaat!”

Rock Tribune

“This is a band who has their sound firmly rooted to their influences while pushing forth with modernity.”

“King Hiss is  set to climb even further up the ranks, because this is an absolute blinder we’ve got on our hands here.”

“Laat die Belgische nederigheid dan ook even langs de kant liggen, want met enige ambitie zien we King Hiss verder doorbeuken op het internationale toneel.”

“At times Earthquaker can verge on power metal and over production but it’s distinctly Belgium, angry and retains a vocal growl that is uniquely King Hiss with riffs any metal head could appreciate.”


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