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“Every single track can shake the very earth for anyone who listens to this massive work.”

“Earthquaker is tough, intelligent record from the Belgian riff monsters, that gets the head nodding and the mind thinking.”

“Cette tornade musicale vous tient en haleine dès le premier titre.”

“Ondergetekende zou hier al heel voorzichtig de term magnum opus durven gebruiken. King Hiss verstoort met Earthquaker de tektonische balans, De Koninklijke Sterrenwacht is bij deze gewaarschuwd.”

“Was Mastosaurus een diamant, dan is Earthquaker een klomp massief 24 karaats goud. Wat. Een. Plaat!”

Rock Tribune

“This is a band who has their sound firmly rooted to their influences while pushing forth with modernity.”

“King Hiss is  set to climb even further up the ranks, because this is an absolute blinder we’ve got on our hands here.”

“Laat die Belgische nederigheid dan ook even langs de kant liggen, want met enige ambitie zien we King Hiss verder doorbeuken op het internationale toneel.”

“At times Earthquaker can verge on power metal and over production but it’s distinctly Belgium, angry and retains a vocal growl that is uniquely King Hiss with riffs any metal head could appreciate.”


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Mastosaurus (cd)

Sadlands (vinyl gatefold)

Sadlands (CD – digisleeve)

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As if Belgium hadn’t already been subjected to enough loud bursts, earthshattering blasts and drastic landscaping, the four gentlemen in King Hiss found it necessary to add a new, defeaning chapter to the Belgian rock and metal repertoire. 2011 will forever be remembered as the year that gave birth to the King of voracious riffs, vicious fangs and roaring screams.

All four members of this newfound royal family had already earned their colours within different other projects, each of them bringing fresh elements to the table and contributing to the unique blend of music the outfit offers. Singer Jan Coudron’s vocal range is nothing short of stunning and he grabs every opportunity to exorcise his multitude of demons. Joost ‘Josh Fury’ Noyelle (guitars), produces a seemingly never-ending string of riff tornadoes, while rhythm section Dominiek ‘Visioene’ Hoet (bass) and Jason Bernard (drums) lay down grooves that are tighter than a clam with a lockjaw.

Like most blended families, it didn’t take too long for King Hiss to produce new offspring. Since their first demo (2012) and their EP ‘Snakeskin’ (2013), they torpedoed 2 full-length albums into the world within a 2-year span: ‘Sadlands’ (2014) and Mastosaurus (2016), with an acoustic intermezzo – appropriately titled ‘Acoustic Sessions’ – released on Record Store Day in 2015. You certainly can’t pin a lack of creativity or productivity on this band.

Their tight workethic brought them to all kinds of stages. From big to small, from well-known clubs to shady bars and from DIY festivals to internationally renowned ones. And just like the villain of the He-Man comics who bears the same name, they managed to gather hordes of loyal disciples along the way. Thanks to their ever-passionate and energetic live-shows, where aggression and melody – under the pretext of ‘opposites attract’ – find each other in the purest of ways.

Their third full album Earthquaker tells the story of modern man, and if we were to believe King Hiss, humanity is in pretty bad shape. There’s a lot of bullshit being passed around and there’s less and less nuance. In this tale, the protagonist loses all his bearings in an overload of stimuli, feeds his thoughts on the delusion of social media and limps on a thin line between manipulation, stereotyping and polarization. He grins his teeth and speeds through his existence believing that he can shatter through the granite wall that is his own faith. Will he be able to conquer the storm or is he standing at the dawn of his own demise? King Hiss is festively beating the drums in a dark, debauched parade as we all slowly walk towards our impending doom.

With this new album, King Hiss want to yet again underline their relevance and add another refreshing chapter to the comprehensive catalogue of the rock-/metal-/stonergenre